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Is Herbal Essences Cruelty Free?

What does it mean to be PETA cruelty free?

Cruelty-free means that our products and ingredients will not be tested on animals anywhere in the world, rather than just in the UK / EU where it has been banned since 2013.

Herbal Essences is proud and excited to be recognised by PETA, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, as a cruelty-free brand. You might best recognise PETA cruelty-free by their bunny logo.


Free from harm

Herbal Essences and PETA have shared scientific beliefs in non-animal alternative tests and have partnered for decades to promote the use of these non-animal alternative tests.

Herbal Essences is excited to gain PETA cruelty-free endorsement as a direct reflection of the brand’s long-standing commitment to ending animal testing.


Safety comes first

At Herbal Essences, safety comes first. Before any ingredient goes into our shampoos and conditioners, we assess its safety and toxicity.

If we have any doubts about its potential to cause harm, we consider it a 'no-no' and don’t include it in our product formulas. With every preservative and ingredient, we work to determine a safe range, backed up by science, to ensure your safety.


About PETA

PETA, founded in 1980, was one of the founders in animal rights – dedicated to establishing and defending the rights of all animals.

PETA is an international non-profit charitable organisation based in Norfolk, Virginia, with affiliates worldwide.

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