Herbal Essences story

Herbal Essences was born into nature with a free spirit and a joyful heart. There will always be women who aspire to a unique and authentic beauty, which can only come from a closeness to nature and a true sense of self.

Herbal Essences is not about problems, but the freedom to immerse yourself in nature and indulge in the thrill of letting go for a little moment of joy.

Herbal Essences believes in ingredients with intent, packaging as items of beauty for you and the earth, colours found in nature, irresistibly delicious fragrances and formulas that are as clean as possible – without compromising the results you crave.

What about Herbal Essences hair? Herbal Essences hair is hair that is undone, natural-looking and free. Just like the women who choose it.

Herbal Essences does beautiful things for your hair and your head.