Dry Hair Shampoo: The Best Treatment for Dry Hair at Your Fingertips?

Did you know that just because your dry hair shampoo has the words “hydrating” or “moisturising” on the label, that doesn’t mean it’s the best solution for your struggle with dryness?

Dry hair can be difficult to tackle, but it doesn’t have to be. Keeping your hair moisturised is important for how your hair looks, and Herbal Essences shampoos, conditioners and hair mists are here to help.

Start fixing your hair’s moisture today with this quick guide.

Dry Hair Tip #1: Wash right

Your dry hair treatment should always start in the shower

Good shampoo for dry hair will do wonders, helping to moisturise and nourish your struggling locks. A major reason for the damage lies in the cuticle. This outer layer of the hair fibre is made up of overlapping scales and protects the more vulnerable inner core of hair strands.

However, like roof shingles in a storm, these can be broken or lifted, exposing the hair to dryness and damage. Good shampoo targeting dry hair will help keep your cuticles clean, moisturising your hair at the same time.

How you wash your hair matters as well: you want to massage your shampoo from root to tip. Avoid circular motions when you massage the lengths of your hair, as this can tangle your hair resulting in high friction and worst knots!

It is critical to finish off with a good moisturising conditioner to give your hair a better shot at staying strong and hydrated longer!

The conditioner will help seal down the cuticle scales, bolstering your hair’s protective layer for longer. It also helps your hair fibres glide easily over combs, brushes, and other styling tools, to avoid tangles and breakage. Et voila!

Dry Hair Tip #2: Styling for strength

Once you’ve washed with shampoo catering for dry hair, it's also crucial you pay attention to how you go about drying and styling it.

For instance, avoid rough towel drying. Harsh and vigorous movements when you squeeze your hair in the towel will just undo all your regimen care. These gestures will likely damage your hair bringing you to square one. It’s recommended to use a microfiber towel instead, and gently wrap it around your hair to mop out the excess of water.

You should also be careful when brushing; make sure you’re using the right kind of brush or comb for your hair type. For instance, it’s recommended to use a large-tooth comb for curly hair, while straight hair types can use brushes with finer teeth.

Did you know that for some hair types, it’s also recommended to only brush when your hair is wet with conditioner in it, while in the shower as it is at that time that your hair is the most flexible? For other hair types, it’s suggested your hair should be as dry as possible. Look into your specific hair type to determine which will give you the most protection and keep your strands strong.

Dry Hair Tip #3: Stop or cut down on your heat styling

Blow drying, straightening, or using curling irons on your hair can damage the protective cuticle and cause it to lose its natural ability to act as a moisture control barrier. The higher the heat without protection the more damage it will likely cause, like cracks and faster moisture loss.

Try letting it dry naturally when you can. You can keep your hair gently wrapped in your microfiber towel to start, and air dry after.

If you do decide to use heat to style your hair, make sure you use a good hair protection product to reduce the damage.

Dry Hair Tip #4: It’s about more than hair

Your scalp needs looking after as well. Taking care of your head’s skin allows you to ensure that hair growth is strong and healthy-looking from the get-go.

We’ve got something to help you: check out our potent aloe and bamboo shampoos and conditioners for hair and scalp pH-balancing.

Why your dry hair needs moisture to be fixed?

Without realising, a lot of what we put our hair through can rob it of moisture. Things like the excessive sun, combing or heat styling can harm and dry out your hair – and so can wearing it in a tight, tied up style.

The top of the head is a complex environment, and keeping it healthy should be a priority in terms of treatment for dry hair.

Making sure your strands are properly moisturised helps to reduce a lot of problems, from brittleness and breakage, to dry hair and even knots.

How to treat dry hair?

Taking care of dry hair means using the right tools, especially when it comes to choosing shampoo. For daily care, a good moisturising shampoo and conditioner will do wonders.

Thankfully, there are lots of Herbal Essences shampoos and conditioners for dry hair to choose from! Uncap your hair moment!

Herbal Essences avocado shampoo and conditioner The calming formula of this hydrating shampoo will leave your scalp soothed and your hair nourished. A burst of freshness combining water flowers, sparkling citrus and green botanic brightness, softened with a creamy background of sunset amber, cedarwood and tonka bean. Enjoy the scent while taking care of your hair

Herbal Essences hydrating shampoo and conditioner with coconut milk Our next pick helps hydrate dry hair to smoothness to reveal its natural beauty. Hair is softer & smoother and up to two times more nourished vs. non-conditioning shampoo when used together with coconut milk conditioner.

Hair oils for dry hair from Herbal Essences

Spark life back into your dry hair with Herbal Essences hair mists that will not only hydrate your tresses, but also provide them with additional benefits, such as softness, smootheness, frizz-control and beautiful scent! Here are our picks:

Herbal Essences coconut milk & aloe vera hair oil mist will moisturise, repair and smooth your dry hair, revealing its natural beauty. Feel the softness and smell its wonderful milky coconut fragrance with warm notes of chai spices.

Avocado oil & aloe vera hair oil will nourish and sooth your dry hair, instantly moustirising it while also controlling your frizz. Did we mention it will leave your locks smelling incredible with notes of water flowers, sparkling citrus and green botanic brigthness?

Hair oil with aloe & hemp seed is perfect for dry hair that also gets frizzy. Herbal Essences hair mist will help you control your frizz and provide your locks with the moisture you’re looking for. Your hair will not only be hydrated but will also feel nourished and fresh. Supply yourself with a floral scent with notes of fresh air and tropical fruits. The signature heart of jasmine, peach and watery florals, enveloped with the luxurious notes of coconut, vanilla, strawberry and amber, complete the ensemble.

Last but definitely not least, we present to you Herbal Essences hair oil blend with coconut and aloe. This dual-phase formula not only hydrates dry hair to make it manageable and incredibly shiny but also smooth like never before.

As nature intended!