Sulphate-free shampoos and conditioners: top 5 benefits

It’s no secret that, over the past few years, we’ve all become more and more observant of the ingredients used to create our favourite beauty products.

Mindful, earth-conscious products and brands are therefore becoming increasingly popular amongst consumers. When it comes to haircare products, it seems that there’s one ingredient that many would happily eliminate. You guessed it: it’s sulphates.

What are sulphates?

For some, sulphates are a welcome addition to their hair products. Sulphates are known for their optimised mildness and balanced cleanse.

They are the cleansing agent responsible for the lathering effect that effectively removes dirt particles and the product build-up from your hair. Others, however, find shampoo with sulphates leave their hair lacking in natural oils and drier than they’d like. If this sounds like you, Herbal Essences' first-ever sulphate-free haircare range – which is full of pure Aloe – is just what you’ve been waiting for!

Who should use sulphate-free shampoo?

Fortunately, shampoo formulated without sulphates is suitable for every hair type, meaning our captivating new sulphate-free range can be enjoyed by everyone!

Of course, there are some who will find these sulphate-free products particularly beneficial for the condition of their hair – alongside their passion for environmentally kind cosmetics.

Here are five key benefits you can expect to experience with the sulphate-free pure aloe range…

No need to compromise on luscious lather

Understandably, many of us find the lathering part of our haircare routine to be the most satisfying – there’s nothing like a soothing head massage that surrounds your strands with bubbly goodness!

The thought of this step being removed, therefore, makes those sud-inducing sulphates hard to part with. Well, we have fabulous news for you... you can have both! Thanks to our sulphate-free formula with the addition of naturally-derived surfactants derived from coconut kernel, our sulphate-free shampoo lathers just like any other regular shampoo.

Sulphate-free shampoo and conditioner is practically made for curly hair

Those with naturally curly hair may find that they are more prone to frizz or dryness, especially after washing.

Due to the beautiful curves and coils in your locks, it can take longer for the natural oils to make their way through the length of each strand. Additionally, sulphates in your regular shampoo could be removing these natural oils altogether, meaning your hair doesn’t have time to replenish between washes.

Switching to our sulphate-free formula will be kinder on those bouncy tresses without compromising on cleanliness, hydration and irresistible scents. Not to mention our formula with pure aloe will help your hair achieve a healthier and smoother finish!

Sulphate-free shampoo and conditioner is perfectly safe for your coloured hair

The chemicals in dye can sometimes strip our strands of their natural oils and cause our hair to become more porous.

This means our hair takes on – but also liberates – moisture much more frequently, allowing our lengths to become dry and brittle after washing. Thankfully, sulphate-free shampoos (like those in our new aloe range) are much kinder to your hair and are therefore much less likely to dry it out post colouring.

Say goodbye to dry locks with our sulphate-free shampoo and conditioner

Similar to those with curly hair, those with dry hair may find that sulphate-heavy formulas will strip their hair of natural oils – resulting in delicate, breakable ends.

Switching to our sulphate-free formulas with 6x more* aloe will help retain moisture. Get that conditioning, smoothness and shine that you deserve!

*6x more aloe vs bio:renew collections

Safety comes first

At Herbal Essences, safety comes first. Before any ingredient goes into our shampoos and conditioners, we assess its safety and toxicity.

If we have any doubts about its potential to cause harm, we consider it a 'no-no' and don’t include it in our product formulas. With every preservative and ingredient we work to determine a safe range, backed up by science, to ensure your safety. We can promise you that our pure aloe and naturally-derived surfactants are safe for you and your hair.